revamping an old book

Monday, August 2, 2010 9:33 AM Posted by ckscribbles
Recently I was at the store and saw this gorgeous book for about 50 cents, It needed a little bit of work, but I was willing to fix it! I spray painted the cover a deep purple and then added drips with a light pink color, I'm not really super fond of how the cover came out, but its growing on me!
harrowing adventures
This is the spine of the book, Harrowing adventures
This is the first page of the inside cover. Since i used the song "The Harrowing Adventures" by Tokyo Police Club i decided to make a dedication page to the song. Since i planned on making the book about Eddy and I's adventures, it was the perfect title, i had to!
title page
The cute little title page! The picture of the lady on a horse was already there, and i just wrote over it.
This page has since been changed. It now has a picture of Eddy & I in it, and its much cuter! Maybe I'll post a picture of that one later!
book by christine
This was just a page i altered talking about who the book was by, and who it was dedicated to. I just did a few cross-outs, write overs and decorations to make it say what was important.
same thing as the last page but on a different page!
traveling the 7 seas
Just a cute little doodle!

This is all the beginning of the book right before the first chapter happens. I will update later with the first chapter and maybe take a few more pictures from the book, it is actually coming out really well! I am so excited.

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