a summation of my weekend in one picture

hotel bed

I will be back with a true post later tomorrow or Wednesday.



Okay guys, so my brother is real cute and doing this thing called Movember and his team name is “Yikes! Nice Stache." Him and his co-workers are going to see how much money they can raise for cancer research by growing some sweet mustaches!
So far he has raised 25.00 but if you want to check on his status or donate money click here or here! As soon as i get some extra cash i'm going to donate to his mustache!

Dainty Squid Style Cupcakes

So the other day i decided i had a sweet tooth and really wanted a cupcake. I totally skipped out on homework to make a bunch of cupcakes, but what fun would it be if they were just plain? so I decided to use a tutorial i found from The Dainty Squid. Her blog is so cute and those cupcakes looked to tasty not to try!
Separating the cupcake batter and coloring it!
all baked up!
the inside!
cupcake wrapper
and gone.
They were pretty delicious and everyone especially loved the inside of the cakes! I can't wait to make more but in christmas colors!

More New Hats

Along with the changing of season comes with the changing of crafts, although I crochet all the time recently I have been crocheting like there is no tomorrow! Cranking out hats left and right, I finished like 3 or 4 after the two that are pictured but I haven’t had a chance to photograph them yet. Most of them will probably end up being Christmas gifts! Also I haven’t been around much since the start of school on September 1st. it’s been a rough couple of weeks for me especially since I was off since the middle of May! Bear with me people! Without further ado, hats!
light blue hat
puppy & hat
me and my favorite puppy!
back of hat
ultra marine front
ultra marine back

hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

My new favorite hat

new hat
new favorite hat
green hat
i was on the fence about this yarn but i went for it. I am so in love with this hat. I can't wait to wear it all day every day when it gets cooler.