Saturday, July 31, 2010 2:20 AM Posted by ckscribbles
So last year for Christmas i made eddy a pacman quilt. Not just any quilt, a crocheted handmade, took 500 hours and a million mini granny squares kind of quilt. Here i was last year the day before Christmas sewing frantically in my bedroom trying to make sure it was all done. Rest assured i slept so well that night. It was also really hard to hide such a big task from someone you see everyday and to keep it secret! There were many a times i just wanted to give in and be like, "babe, i am making you the best quilt ever!!" but i didn't and he was so surprised! I think it was the happiest i seen him ever and he used it most of the winter. The quilt only acquired a few little holes here and there that i had to sew up which was good! I got a lot of great reviews from craftser users and got featured on a few websites! Now the only question i have is how can i top last year, and the answer is without killing myself i don't think i can!


5 Response to "pacman"

  1. amy lapi Says:

    WOW this is incredible!! you're amazing!!

  2. ckscribbles Says:

    Thank you so much, it took every ounce of energy to finish it too!

  3. Cora Says:

    Wow, awe inspiring! Lion Brand had it posted on twitter.


  4. ckscribbles Says:

    thank you for letting me know!


  5. Nicole Coffin. Says:

    that is so crazy awesome! how loved he must feel!!! great job.