pumpkin picking!

I finally got my card reader, expect pictures of caramel apple making & pumpkin carving soon!

and these are just a few of the pictures we took. I had so much fun pumpkin picking and I can't wait to go again next year!


the great golden pumpkin

i love gold
I'm still waiting on my card reader and currently have like a millllionnnn pictures to upload. Heres just one of them that i uploaded onto a different computer. The card reader just needs to get here already! heres to wishful thinking ...


snail mail



I just ordered a new lens and a card reader so I can upload the pictures from my new camera, I simply can not wait. I love getting snail mail, it is an amazing feeling :)
Heres a mini update of what I have been up to, photo-less of course (while I a wait my card reader in the mail) I went pumpkin picking on Friday and Saturday I went to the zoo and benihanas (a hibachi restaurant). Today, sadly, I have work.

be back soon

Meet Lauren

Meet Lauren from The Perfect Pear! She's energetic, fun, loves drinking tea, finding new blogs to read, and crocheting! go visit her and say hello! She doesn't bite, or maybe she does ;) She also does the cutest little DIY round-ups, so what are you waiting for?

bar hopping

saturday looked a lot like this
I went bar hopping with my brother, his girlfriend and my boyfriend. I had the time of my life, not to mention yuengling on draft is so much better than yuengling in bottle! I'll be back soon with a cute post about Lauren from the perfect pear!

a while back ...

A while back I produced a bunch of hats before school had started and now I am more than a month into classes and I still haven't posted them. So here are a few of the hats I have been creating
so we like to have fun while taking pictures :)
this is one of my favorite hats!(besides the lime green one that got sold)
The yarn I used for this one was gorgeous. it was brown, green, and tan. It was like mint chocolate chip ice cream, when i crocheted it up it began to look like camouflage and became my least favorite hat. Apparently this was a lot of people most favorite at the sale last friday!
I originally made this one for me and now i'm not so sure I will keep it, it doesn't even match my winter coat ... what was I thinking?
This is the one that matches my winter coat ;)

today is ...

heres to cakes that look like this and liqour that looks like this
all images via weheartit
ALSO, this is the worst picture ever, but my boyfriend got me thissssssss
best boyfriend ever ... i think sooooo!!! (i'll be back with a real post after my partying stops ;)

4 simple goals, revisited!

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so back in august i decided to the four simple goals challenge.
goals bu elsie
just to reiterate my 4 goals were, 1. drink more water, 2. stop stressing over money so much, 3. start cooking more, and 4. spend at least 30 minutes a day being crafty!
Well as of right now, I have been drinking a lot more water. I hardly drink soda at work and I carry water with me everywhere, on vacation I did't really obied by this. Eddy and I drank TONS of soda, but now its back to normal. I would have a have about a glass or two a week which I would still like to cut down on!
I'm still stressing a little over money but not as much. I did get a scholarship which lessened my burden a tremendous amount. With work, school, and social it's a little hard to not stress but I think i am doing well!
The start cooking more hasn't been going well for me, as of lately everyone has been cooking for me. My mom cooks dinner 3 times a week, my step dad cooks sometimes as well as eddy's family. I have been baking a ton though (does that count?) I made cornbread to go with stew,pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and cupcakes all in the past 2 weeks!
and last but not least goal 4, be crafty at least 30 minutes a day has been the most challenging. I was doing great up until September first. I have still done atleast something every day, whether it be doodle in class, crochet, or art journal I have been trying very hard to be creative for 30 minutes!

First Friday, October

As we all know this past friday was October 1st. It was the first, first Friday which made it kind of extra special. The weather was absolutely perfect depsite all the rain we had received that morning.
Friday night I sold 4 out of the 5 that i had made for first friday, one mug cozy, and the only hat that i wanted to keep. That would be this one,
green hat
Although I wish it hadn't sold, I am very happy that it did sell. I am so thankful that we have an art walk like first Friday that is close enough for us to be able to enjoy.

I Heart Fall

So I recently joined Janel's I heart fall class (okay so by recently I mean about a month ago) and as we know life can get the best of us, well life has. More specifically it has been school. So While everyone else is in about their third week of class and journaling i have just finished my first 3 pages, but I am like a proud mama, I must show them off!
welcome fall
Welcome Fall, this was our first page promt :)
My personal journaling goals.
close up of goals
close up of the lettering
journal goals
journal goals
fall decoration ideas
My fall decor ideas!
fall decoration ideas
little pumpkins!

thats all i have so far, but hopefully more will come soon!

sunrise, sunset you wake up, then you undress

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We went to the beach in our jammies at 6:30am to try and catch the sunrise, it worked. When the sun pops up it is hella fast. Like it took 10 minutes then it was here, crazy!
It was so perfect
We played golf a little bit
dinosaur golf
posed with dinosaurs
and watched the sunset

I told you i'd be back

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I crocheted during the long ride down (it was about 3 hours) while eddy so patiently drove!
this is when we first got there, the room was pretty cute. Two beds, a couch, a night stand ... you know the normal things. We also had breakfast and coffee every morning on our balcony, it was perfect <3
We went to Thrashers for French Fries and this huge seagull wanted some so bad, so i tried to hand feed him, you don't want to see the picture of that though. It was a terrified face that was not to pretty. This is him as i was feeding him, the lean in.
we went to the beach saturday, and got sunburned. We did get two awesome jumping pictures though, i took eddys and its the best picture ever!
look how happy he is to be in the air!
this is mine (i have a bathing suit on under the cover-up)

We did watch the sunrise and the sunset all in one day, that will be another post though.
So i will leave you with this,
vw bus
me and the cutest bus ever PLUS
the man who was in-line infront of us with a PBR and cute leg tattoos!