happy cutomer!

Saturday, August 28, 2010 10:34 AM Posted by ckscribbles
So soon after I made the first gray hat for the cutest boy I know and giving it to him, he was ecstatic. Obviously he can't wait for cooler weather to wear it, so now when he had a bad hair day he just puts on his hat. Yesterday was one of them days so he wore the hat and I of course took the pictures! Also, what you must know about this cute boy I mentioned is that he yo-yo’s ALL THE TIME. I'm talking about trick doing, competition going, must yo-yo whenever I am standing still type of yo-yoing. This is why the pictures are of him yo-yoing.
yo-yo master
yo-yo master
One of the girls I work with just bought a hat too, but I probably won't get a picture of her wearing it seeing as it's my manager.

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  1. Spawn of the Ed Says:

    best hat ever!