Buffalo, NY

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 9:31 AM Posted by ckscribbles
Let me first off say, going to Buffalo was not my idea of a good time, I was almost drug into this with no previous inclination to go to buffalo at all. Well let me tell you, it was everything i thought it would be and nothing more. It's cold, wet, and a long drive when you are in the back of a jeep the whole time. I made the best of it because really what else can you do? I did get to go to Niagara Falls, I can cross that off of my list!

This is where the adventure started, me in the back of a car crocheting. I took a lot of pictures of trees, the road and anything to fill my time. This would have been a fun road trip with friends but when with an adult who wants to make as little stops as possible i guess the trip looses its fun.
on the road again
This is just about what all of my pictures look like, lots of trees, lots of road, lots of cars, not much else.
erie canal fair
The first night we went there we went to the earie canal fair, I think thats what it was called. There was a lot of tractor pulls going on there, does anyone know what a tractor pull is? If so can you please explain it to me?
niagara falls
This is on the way to Niagara Falls the next day, We passed the cheerio factory and it smelled just like one of my favorite cereals, yum!
This is from when we first got there, the view is amazing and breathtaking. Its just so weird to see something so huge and violent, yet so peaceful at the same time.
maid of the mist
This was my favorte part of the entire trip, the Maid of the Mist. Its a boat that goes up to niaraga Falls, it doesn't go under or anything but it gets close. I enjoyed the boat so much. My best friend, Sara, has a waterproof digital camera so when i upload her pictures there will be some from the boat, it was an amazing experience.
edge of the falls
edge of the falls

So far while going through my pictures these were the only ones that caught my eye. I finished a blanket and 3 hats while in the car that weekend so a picture post of hats and a blanket coming soon! Also, i start school tomorrow, My senior year of college and I still always get that anxious feeling on the first day of school, I don't think it will ever change!

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