paper cranes

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I learned how to fold paper cranes about a week ago, pictures soon! I have a fun project i would like to do with them!

my week

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I went to the cape-may zoo & the beach twice this week, all while getting ready for a party! I cleaned the house & cooked lots of food, i might even post the recipe i used for my ambrosia i made. It was delicious! I wasn't sure if Eddy would be reading my blog or not which is why i haven't posted about the party, but now that its over its free game!

the big hamster looking animal!

this poor little rooster made me so sad. I think he was a rescue. I don't have any pictures of the beach but my best friend who i went with does i think! i'll just have to get them off of her camera!

I made german chocolate cupcakes and banana cupcakes
rice crispy treats
and this big cupcake that didn't come out to well =x i filled it with mint chocolate chip icream, it tasted good just didn't look to pretty!

I also finished the rug i was working on for the RVA summercamp!!!
RVA rug


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I have been busy planning a surprise party for my boyfriend. I will be back with an actual post tomorrow sometime. i didn't take many pictures of it cause i was super busy putting everything together but i will see if i can get the pictures from the people who came.

It was a good time with good friends, i did a little crocheting tonight and am starting to prepare for my mom's 50th birthday :) This year is chock-full-of big year birthdays, a bunch of 25's, one 50, and one 21!

This year will be a year to remember! I hope all went well with you guys this week



lately ...

Monday, June 21, 2010 12:24 AM Posted by ckscribbles 1 comments
I have been busy at work and working on my summer camp projects. (well project.) I am a slacker. but tomorrow is a new day, im hoping to finish this project post about it and start a new one before work on tuesday. I also plan on going to see toy story 3 tomorrow, i am so excited!


bubble tea

Monday, June 14, 2010 11:20 PM Posted by ckscribbles 1 comments
So i have a terrible addiction to shopping and bubble tea. Whenever i see the stand at the mall i must go and buy some bubble tea. I have been thinking a lot about making my own bubble tea but i would have no one else to drink it with me really.
yum yum yum, yes pleaseeeeee <3

dreaming of bubble tea



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summer camp starts today and sadly

tell your story just ended.

sunday, sunday, sunday

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I've been trying to think of a few ways to make my room more bright. A few ways to make it pop and make me want to spend more time in it, or even give me some inspiration to actually get some work done instead of being so lethargic all of the time.
I have been thinking about bunting a lot. I think it would look great hanging from my shelves as long as i can clean up a little bit.
All Images Are from WeHeartIt
something like this would make me think about how worse it could be. or if i changed the phrase to something more positive.
I'm not sure what i love more, square bunting or triangle bunting. Which do you like more?!
Fabric from spoonfower, ugh its so gorgeous.
I want to plan an event like this with millions of them all over the room!
When i decide to have kids i will want to add bunting in there too!

If i decide to make bunting, you guys will be the first to know

saturday & sunburnt

I went to the beach yesterday, i have terrible sunburn and work a double today. I am not looking for the pain that is going to come from this but i guess the money will be good. Its really just the back of my knees that hurt so bad, but I'll make it though.
I will be back tomorrow with something better to update about, i promise!


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Broad Street Review

wwhile at first friday some woman took my picture and said she would write about me in her blog cause my jellyfish were so cute! well she took it one step farther and published it in the broad street review! how sweet of her.
Thank you Marilyn Mcgregor



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SO my weekend consisted of first friday, renegade craft fair, and a VW car show. Here are some photos from each day!

first friday 01
I handmade bags for each of my customers :) i only made a few because first friday is an art show and not a craft show, those people don't usually appreciate the craftyness of others.

first friday 01
I took my vintage suitcase with me and packed it with everything i would need to set up. The suitcase ended up being my display too, it was awesome!

first friday 01

Here's a closeup of all the jellyfish packed away so i could sell them. I got a few sales, i sold at least two of each item i brought (jellyfish, coffee mug cozys, & fortune cookies) which was way more then i expected to sell.

renegade 06
Graffiti right off of the subway, so so cute!

renegade 05
The banner into renegade!

renegade 04
Signs from renegade that i like to put my head through.

renegade 03
my boyfriends head in the sign opposite of the one i'm in!

renegade 01
On the way home from renegade, exhausted.

And finally onto Cult Classics, the car show i went to!
cult classics 05
beautiful rims from BBS

cult classics 01
My favorite (dream) car in the whole entire world!

cult classics 02
so gorgeousssssssss

cult classics 03
Chalkboard hood!

I took a lot more pictures then that but this is just the gist of what went on.


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Tomorrow, i am going to a Volkswagen car show. Hopefully i will be home in time to post some of my renegade photos. I didn't take to many but i can post pictures of some of the things i bought and some awesome stuff i did take pictures of.
There was a lot of stuff i wanted to buy but had no extra money to buy it with but i will explain more about it tomorrow. I hope everyone in blog land had a wonderful night


First Friday

First Friday was a success in my eyes. I sold two jelly fish, two coffee mug cozies, and two fortune cookies. My boyfriend sold 5 paintings. all in all i would say we did pretty well. We also had a ton of fun and hung out with cool people and talked to a bunch more interesting people.
Tomorrow i am going to renegade in Brooklyn and i am more then excited. i don't think i will sleep well tonight ... that is how excited i am. I'm not selling my stuff there but I am going to shop and have a great time. Hopefully i will have pictures to post and story's to tell by tomorrow night!

best time to start

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(image from weheartit)

Tomorrow i am going to first Friday in Philadelphia to display some of my creations, wish me luck!

More unjournaled on journal pages :) This one has a handmade envelope on it that wil be used for my summer goals. there are a lot of them so i hope they can all fit on one page!
this will be my thoughts on being a girlfriend page. My two year anniversary is coming up with my beautiful boyfriend and i would like to talk about all the times we've had together so far.
This is my page about more smiles and less frowns. I need to do this especially while i am at work. Sometimes just the thought of work makes me feel so angry inside, i need to turn that frown upside down!
My thoughts on summer 2010, I will write what i am looking forward to and things that inspire me for the season.

this is the page that reminds me with hard times come the good times <3

You can't tell but it says "swear i was blind before i met you" then it has our anniversary date on it. I guess i was feeling full of love when i did these pages.