more art journaling

dream list

This is my dream list page before i journaled about it. Maybe i will post another picture after i write my dreams but posting that kind of stuff still makes me feel a little uneasy. I would feel so vulnerable, i mean its not like any of you know my but its the fact that you could!

a closer look

This is my a closer look, before i journaled about it. It probably seems like i am super secretive but in all actuality, i haven't even filled them out yet. I have been so busy with work that by the time i get home there is no time to finish my pages.

forever and ever

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forever & ever

to date this is my favorite page. So simplistic. Truer words have never been spoken <3 I just used a heart picture from an anatomy book i picked up at goodwill and did a little bit of doodles.

Tell your story

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so far i haven't been doing my art journal pages on time, i am a bit of a slacker. For the first part of class i had finals which i needed to study for and then i just felt like i needed a break. I checked it everyday and i knew i needed to start. There is not time like the present so i started promptly, or at least as promptly as you can be after 2 weeks of slacking!
first two pages
these are technically my second two pages, i didn't really like my first two. But basically it is just my feelings about a new season. Thesecond page was about my day at work, i was feeling over worked and underpaid because last week i worked 7 days straight. It was really a strain. I also didn't make that much money for as much as i got pushed around.
deep down
This is the next page i did, i photographed it before i journaled just in case i didn't want to share what was deep down with the world yet.

I'll post some more of them when i get home from work tonight, i hope everyone has a great saturday!

Creativity Bootcamp

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I just heard about creativity boot camp and i couldn't be more excited. I will definitely be attending.
boot camp
I am also probably joining the RVA summer camp class, there classes are so inspiring that i would feel like i was cheating myself out of a great education, RVA style of course.

for a while

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For a while now i have been making Jellyfish, crocheting them. It is my favorite thing to do, i love to see how they will turn out. They start out as being yarn, just string, and all the sudden the flourish into this beautiful creation. The whole process is so relaxing.

Here are a few pictures of some of them

This was from the last photo shoot we did with my Jellyfish. It was a lot of fun!

First Post

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All my life i have had a livejournal and i always updated until about 2 years ago when it was no longer fun. I realized it was because livejournal no longer had the spunk other journals offered. I did an actual journal for a while but it just wasn't the same. I needed someone to share my aspirations with. Also someone to share my crafts with. So many other people have wordpresses that are crafty and i wanted to be part of the community. I hope my journal that is starting out as a seedling blossoms into a wonderful flower with tons of followers eventually.