Monday, August 9, 2010 10:52 AM Posted by ckscribbles
Happy 8/9/10 to everyone! I hope everyone's day is going to lovely! I am going to get sushi and probably bubble tea afterward with my best friend who just got back from a week being away, she was missed a lot. I guess this will sort of be like a weekend catch-up dealio! Friday my boyfriend & I did first friday again, we stayed in the same spot we were in last week so our set up basically looked like this again
First Friday
except i had a chinese take-out box for the fortune cookies, more owls & no mug cozys. I ended up making a decent amount of money, the owls sell like hot cakes out there, which is good. Eddy always does very well with his paintings, i made the most i have made yet, which is good!
dog sitting
Saturday eddy and i spent our morning dog sitting one of our favorite dogs Rambo. Although he lives almost an hour & 15 minutes away we still like to go visit once and a while and go hang out with him, take him for a walk & romp around. Rambo gets excited when he see's us!
next we went to a picnic where it ended with me in the hot tub, towel in toe. whoops.
Sunday we decided to go for a mid-day trip to the beach, we didn't sun bathe or anything we just took lots of pictures. My bag had 3 cameras & a tripod in it, that was it. Made me kind of laugh! The people in the sky ride kind of look like they are waving to us but they were really waving to their friends behind them, makes the picture more interesting!
jersey shore
jersey shore at its finest.
skee ball
we spent atleast an hour playing skee ball, we kept getting free games, it was 3 games for a dollar so i paid one dollar & got about 15-20 games. It was amazing.
we also found this button that someone had replaced to say, "hi" instead of "start" it made me smile so hard!
pictures with tripod
i spent most of my time with my holga on my tripod!
pictures with tripod
boardwalk rides
The last four pictures were my favorites of all the pictures i took. I have one roll of film to devlope & a roll from my holga that is about 1/2 way finished. I'm not sure how the pictures will come out though because i was using 35mm instead of the 120 i should be using and i haven't been clicking it 36 times like recommended, i have been doing whatever i want with it. hopefully they come out though!

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  1. amy lapi Says:

    ooh so fun!! you guys are so talented/cute together! i love art walks!