Buffalo, NY

Let me first off say, going to Buffalo was not my idea of a good time, I was almost drug into this with no previous inclination to go to buffalo at all. Well let me tell you, it was everything i thought it would be and nothing more. It's cold, wet, and a long drive when you are in the back of a jeep the whole time. I made the best of it because really what else can you do? I did get to go to Niagara Falls, I can cross that off of my list!

This is where the adventure started, me in the back of a car crocheting. I took a lot of pictures of trees, the road and anything to fill my time. This would have been a fun road trip with friends but when with an adult who wants to make as little stops as possible i guess the trip looses its fun.
on the road again
This is just about what all of my pictures look like, lots of trees, lots of road, lots of cars, not much else.
erie canal fair
The first night we went there we went to the earie canal fair, I think thats what it was called. There was a lot of tractor pulls going on there, does anyone know what a tractor pull is? If so can you please explain it to me?
niagara falls
This is on the way to Niagara Falls the next day, We passed the cheerio factory and it smelled just like one of my favorite cereals, yum!
This is from when we first got there, the view is amazing and breathtaking. Its just so weird to see something so huge and violent, yet so peaceful at the same time.
maid of the mist
This was my favorte part of the entire trip, the Maid of the Mist. Its a boat that goes up to niaraga Falls, it doesn't go under or anything but it gets close. I enjoyed the boat so much. My best friend, Sara, has a waterproof digital camera so when i upload her pictures there will be some from the boat, it was an amazing experience.
edge of the falls
edge of the falls

So far while going through my pictures these were the only ones that caught my eye. I finished a blanket and 3 hats while in the car that weekend so a picture post of hats and a blanket coming soon! Also, i start school tomorrow, My senior year of college and I still always get that anxious feeling on the first day of school, I don't think it will ever change!

happy cutomer!

So soon after I made the first gray hat for the cutest boy I know and giving it to him, he was ecstatic. Obviously he can't wait for cooler weather to wear it, so now when he had a bad hair day he just puts on his hat. Yesterday was one of them days so he wore the hat and I of course took the pictures! Also, what you must know about this cute boy I mentioned is that he yo-yo’s ALL THE TIME. I'm talking about trick doing, competition going, must yo-yo whenever I am standing still type of yo-yoing. This is why the pictures are of him yo-yoing.
yo-yo master
yo-yo master
One of the girls I work with just bought a hat too, but I probably won't get a picture of her wearing it seeing as it's my manager.

Keith P. Rain

So i was checking my reader the other day and my boyfriend shared a page with me that had some amazing art on it. I kept it unread for a few days so i could keep looking at it and now i would like to show you guys his work. Without further ado, some of Keith P. Rains artwork! (also if you are at work this is def. not safe.)






a chinese kind of night

general tsos

Last night was my first night back from buffalo, i am still getting organized, cleaning, doing laundry and unpacking. My cord for my camera is somewhere in all of that mess & since yesterday was used just to relax and watch movies with eddy that was all i did. First we watched the final episode of Work of art, it completely took me by surprise as in i was baffled, honestly. Next we watched art & copy, delicatessen, & sunshine cleaning. They were all good movies! In between all of that i made General Tso's chicken, dumpling & egg drop soup. It was a lot simpler then i thought it would be which was great. I made 3 new hats while i was away and am ready to get back into gear with a new project, maybe a cute cardigan or caplet. I'll be back later this week with a real update!

new hat pt.2

So i loved the hat i made for Sir Eddy so much that i made myself one in a color i knew he would not want to steal. I love how comfortable the hat is and how it will still keep me warm. I am loving this pattern!
This weekend i will be away from home, going to Buffalo New York. There will be tons of pictures taken and on the car ride there i might even crochet another hat, seeing as its a 8 hour drive up there. I still need to pack and do laundry but i am working a double at work today, i have no time.

New Hat & hair

So this weekend keeping up with my goals list I only had two glasses of soda and I crafted a super lot instead of spending all of my time on the internet. I did still spend more time then i should on the internet, but small steps people. I got some work done!
This is the beginning of the ribbing of my hat, it took so long to make it the right size!

ribbing + single crochet
The foundation of the actual hat starting the puff stitches

ribbing + puff stich
The almost finished hat, it had to be 11 inches tall but i finished it off at 10 inches because i thought 11 inches was just to big.

slouchy hat
the finished hat on my head via this pattern, i was so excited to finish it before eddy gets home, right now he is at a yoyo competition in Florida, he invited me to go but i didn't want to. Also my new hair is a dark red, to go with my new hair i am whipping me up a pink hat in the same style!

4 simple goals before 2011

So I decided that its time to make some goals and actually stick to them, When I tell myself I will do something I usually try hard, but not hard enough so actually writing it down will make this a bit easier.
goals bu elsie
There are a few simple rules for this challenge that you can see over at Elsie's Blog. I like that after you finish all four of your life enriching goals that you get to reward yourself. Although I don’t know what the reward will be yet, it will be good!
1 : drink more water
I would like to start drinking more water. At work I always say this and some days I do it. When I am thirst and in a rush back to my tables a cone cup of coke quenches my throat short term. I usually keep a glass of cold water somewhere but that doesn’t mean I have time to drink it. I would also like to drink more tea, as the weather changes I always drink lots of tea but in the summer it’s a bit too hot for it.
2 : stop stressing over money so much
Money is just money and I know this but when school sends me a bill for an ungodly amount of money that I have worked so hard to acquire its so hard no to stress out. I wish I could be one of them people who is just like oh okay, have some money but I spend more hours a week working my butt off to make ends meat and pay for school.
3 : start cooking more
I always say I want to cook more but when I’m in my mom’s house I just feel weird. It’s her food and her kitchen and I feel like I am just there. I don’t want to use something she needs to cook her dinner so more times than not when I am cooking for eddy its chicken tenders or out to eat. I would like to get out of this habit. Not only will it save money, it will be healthier.
4 : spend at least 30 minutes each day being crafty
When I get home from work I am usually “to tired” to do anything so I go online and do things like check my reader or go on facebook, this is time where I could be getting my projects cranked out whether it’s for Christmas that is approaching faster than we think or just projects I have on my to-do list. (This goal could also be called spend less time on the internet)

Blue Sky Noise

numero seis
found here

"Felt Free"

So when my best friend left for vacation she gave me her new (as of April 20th) CD by Circa Survive. Now Circa Survive has always had a special place in my heart and i looked on youtube for a video i could post but none of them were that good. They were all just pictures of Anthony Green or the album cover. I'm not sure why but this song resonates with me so well, i just want to listen to it all day every day.
edit :: i couldn't get the mp3 player to work so here's a youtube video i made tiny so you wouldn't have to suffer through the video :)
What is you favorite band? Do you like Circa Survive, which album was your favorite?


Happy 8/9/10 to everyone! I hope everyone's day is going to lovely! I am going to get sushi and probably bubble tea afterward with my best friend who just got back from a week being away, she was missed a lot. I guess this will sort of be like a weekend catch-up dealio! Friday my boyfriend & I did first friday again, we stayed in the same spot we were in last week so our set up basically looked like this again
First Friday
except i had a chinese take-out box for the fortune cookies, more owls & no mug cozys. I ended up making a decent amount of money, the owls sell like hot cakes out there, which is good. Eddy always does very well with his paintings, i made the most i have made yet, which is good!
dog sitting
Saturday eddy and i spent our morning dog sitting one of our favorite dogs Rambo. Although he lives almost an hour & 15 minutes away we still like to go visit once and a while and go hang out with him, take him for a walk & romp around. Rambo gets excited when he see's us!
next we went to a picnic where it ended with me in the hot tub, towel in toe. whoops.
Sunday we decided to go for a mid-day trip to the beach, we didn't sun bathe or anything we just took lots of pictures. My bag had 3 cameras & a tripod in it, that was it. Made me kind of laugh! The people in the sky ride kind of look like they are waving to us but they were really waving to their friends behind them, makes the picture more interesting!
jersey shore
jersey shore at its finest.
skee ball
we spent atleast an hour playing skee ball, we kept getting free games, it was 3 games for a dollar so i paid one dollar & got about 15-20 games. It was amazing.
we also found this button that someone had replaced to say, "hi" instead of "start" it made me smile so hard!
pictures with tripod
i spent most of my time with my holga on my tripod!
pictures with tripod
boardwalk rides
The last four pictures were my favorites of all the pictures i took. I have one roll of film to devlope & a roll from my holga that is about 1/2 way finished. I'm not sure how the pictures will come out though because i was using 35mm instead of the 120 i should be using and i haven't been clicking it 36 times like recommended, i have been doing whatever i want with it. hopefully they come out though!

crocheting spree

Lately i have been on a crocheting spree, i have just wanted to crochet all day long. So i have been! I usually spend my time thinking about different jellyfish i can create or other products that will make me and my friends happy. Well i decided to create an owl. Last time i went to first friday everyone commented on how cute the owls were & i even made a sale in like the first 5 minutes of setting up! So i went on a little photoshoot the other day, walked into my backyard which is all woods and just had fun with them, they are so adorable!
four of them in a tree
their most favorite spot, hiding the the grass!
my two favorites, i think its cause i love their colors!!

have you been creating anything new lately? is so what!

Revamping an old book Pt.2

hope & dreams
This is the start of chapter one, what Eddy and I would like to accomplish in life. We did one separate goal each and two combined goals!
hot air balloon
Although I am terrified of heights i would like to one day ride in a hot air balloon! I feel like it would be so romantic and fun!
be sucessful
This is Eddy's personal goal. He wants to be able to make money with his paintings and find a good graphic design job, instead of the one he has now. I also want to be successful but as a teacher and with making things! This page is directly related to his paintings.
We both want to have children some day, (I want lots of them, he's not to sure about the LOTS)
buy a house
and we both want to buy a house, we have agreed that when it is time to move out we will just buy a house because renting is a waste of money. Its a big responsibility but eventually we will be ready for it!
incomplete lists
this is a list of the things we want to do, short term & long term. Well ... its not finished yet. I figured as we make goals we will write them down! its hard to think of things on the spot, well sometimes!


revamping an old book

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Recently I was at the store and saw this gorgeous book for about 50 cents, It needed a little bit of work, but I was willing to fix it! I spray painted the cover a deep purple and then added drips with a light pink color, I'm not really super fond of how the cover came out, but its growing on me!
harrowing adventures
This is the spine of the book, Harrowing adventures
This is the first page of the inside cover. Since i used the song "The Harrowing Adventures" by Tokyo Police Club i decided to make a dedication page to the song. Since i planned on making the book about Eddy and I's adventures, it was the perfect title, i had to!
title page
The cute little title page! The picture of the lady on a horse was already there, and i just wrote over it.
This page has since been changed. It now has a picture of Eddy & I in it, and its much cuter! Maybe I'll post a picture of that one later!
book by christine
This was just a page i altered talking about who the book was by, and who it was dedicated to. I just did a few cross-outs, write overs and decorations to make it say what was important.
same thing as the last page but on a different page!
traveling the 7 seas
Just a cute little doodle!

This is all the beginning of the book right before the first chapter happens. I will update later with the first chapter and maybe take a few more pictures from the book, it is actually coming out really well! I am so excited.