So last year for Christmas i made eddy a pacman quilt. Not just any quilt, a crocheted handmade, took 500 hours and a million mini granny squares kind of quilt. Here i was last year the day before Christmas sewing frantically in my bedroom trying to make sure it was all done. Rest assured i slept so well that night. It was also really hard to hide such a big task from someone you see everyday and to keep it secret! There were many a times i just wanted to give in and be like, "babe, i am making you the best quilt ever!!" but i didn't and he was so surprised! I think it was the happiest i seen him ever and he used it most of the winter. The quilt only acquired a few little holes here and there that i had to sew up which was good! I got a lot of great reviews from craftser users and got featured on a few websites! Now the only question i have is how can i top last year, and the answer is without killing myself i don't think i can!


best boyfriend ever!

doll pattern
so while i was at work last night the cutest boyfriend ever painted me a picture of a nike. I can't wait to hang it on my wall. The colors are different in real like but not much
so thank you gorgeous


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Now there’s something you should know about me, I am in love with owls! I also go to Rowan University and their mascot is the owl, which drives my obsession even more. It is always exciting that I can exude school spirit by rocking one of my favorite animals. The only way it could get better is if Rowan changed their mascot to a giraffe, which I don’t think I could handle. I would be way to full of excitement! Here are some cute owl items that I am lusting after!

I want to snuggle with this pillow every night! Via shanalogic
Owl Pillow
And this pillow too, how adorable would this be on my bed! via liebschien

This adorable patchwork mug via Patina

This adorable coin purse via modcloth

This gorgeous owl ring via agaci

This necklace via jael designs

This adorable hat (only in my side not child size) via angels chest of tresures
And last but not least

This amazing hoodie I have been lusting after for weeks via 1aeon

big thanks!

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First let me tell you about a week and a half ago i was guessing what kind fo ice cream Bridget over at Bake at 350 was making. I started with mint chocolate chip, that wasn't it. Then she started dropping hints saying there were 4 main ingredient in it and it was from Ben and Jerry. Eventually she gave us the four main ingredients and i knew right away what she was making, Dastardly Mash, which happens to be in the Ben and Jerry's grave yard. I couldn't believe it, i actually won something, i never win anything! Yesterday i got my giftcard in the mail with the cutest card i have ever seen!
Just look at how cute this is, i would have just been happy with this thank you card, seriously! Its the little things people!
and her business card is so cute too! Thank you so much Bridget! I can't wait to go get an iced chai tea latte, an iced coffee, or maybe a frappachino :)

Sorry for the horrible quality pictures, they were taken with the webcam on my computer. I was to excited to take actual picture!

old cameras & lomos

for a whille now i have really been into cameras & the diffferent kinds of pictures they can take. I recently bought this one
that i have a roll of film in now, when i develop it i will share the results, if they are good! I turned my lomo into a 35 mm from a 120mm and took a whole roll of pictures with that, but none of them came out, well like 5 pictures came out. Not enough to really share, the next time they will come out and i will be able to share!

Here is a bunch of cameras that i am in love with, i just can't get enough!
This gorgeous all white holga is a dream & although i already have a all black one, i still think i need another!
I love the color of both of these holgas, so adorable!
Dreamer (Diana+)
This Diana dreamer is gorgeous [source]
this is my dream camera! I found it on ebay a few days ago but it was selling for 85+, i can not justify that kind of a purchase :/
This gorgeous underwater number
I lust after this fisheye, I've almost bought it twice. It will be my next purchase i think!
Action Lomo Sampler
and this gorgeous action sampler. I want all of these cameras so bad and maybe one day i will own them all, but i don't think anyone needs that many cameras. On second thought, what was i thinking? I do need to own all of these!

All photos, unless otherwise noted found onweheartit

Sunday Adventures

bikes on car
Sunday Eddy and I decided we needed an adventure. We decided to venture out to springlake, new jersey to hang out with my mom & step-dad. We really had a lovely time. We went bike riding, swimming, geocaching, and my mom bought us all ice cream! It was s relaxing!
bike rides
thats my head and eddy riding a bike, hes so adorable!
we stopped by the lake to have a little photo shoot, it was cute!
rc boats
later after we had our ice cream we went and saw the older men racing boats. It was honestly the best part of my day. It was so exciting! You could see the them all on the other side just so excited to be out and about racing their cars with the next man. I wanted to savor that moment forever.

Also, here is a sneak peek of what i have been spending a lot of my time working on
sneak peek!

camera revamp

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A while ago i got this camera at a flea market.
well the leather started falling off of it and it looked like it was real dirty underneath. I took alcohol to the dirty parts after ripping most of the leather off. The alcohol took off most of the dirt, dried glue and grime then i dried it with a clean towel. I used the leather parts that were on there to create a template and then i just cut & glued. Now i have a cute unique camera that looks like it belongs to me
I'm proud of the way it came out. I really do love the look of it. If this paper ever comes off i will probably just recover (or paint it) in a new way. I love that this isn't to permanent but permanent enough that if i want it to stay this way it most likely will!

Have any of you guys revamped an old camera, i would love to see pictures!

I hope everyone is having a happy Monday. I have to go to work in about 2 hours, but i don't really mind seeing as i haven't been there in almost a week!


carrot muffins

Yesterday i decided it would be a great time to use some of the apples i have left in my house that otherwise might go bad & i found the perfect recipe. First I started off by peeling and shredding my apples. I did the same for my carrots.
food processing
After i was done using the food processor yesterday i hand washed it and put it out to dry, well my food processor's lid fell and cracked :( but it's ok, it still works!
before the bake
This is the batter in the muffin cups
carrot muffins
and this is the delicious finished product! The recipe called for a cream cheese frosting but they are so delicious by themselves that i didn't want to add the extra sugar.

I got the recipe from here and the only modification i made was not adding the optional coconut. I highly recommended this recipe for anyone who loves carrot cake!

Have a beautiful Saturday,


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So the other day Eddy (my boyfriend) and I decided instead of doing the same redundant things we always do we decided to go on an adventure and geocache! For those of you who don't know what geocaching is there is a lovely post over at Janel's Blog, here, This is the post that originally got me excited about it. So i downloaded the app and away we went, not only did we find 8 geocaches that day we found a bunch of things i would call treasures. Here are some pictures from our adventures.
geocache found
geocache found
geocache found!
daddy long leg
I found this gorgeous daddy long leg just staring at me while we were on the hunt. He was so cute, and although i HATE spiders, i conquered my fear just to get that picture. Plus daddy long legs are harmless!
Eddy actually kicked this toad on accident. I felt so bad for him. He seemed ok and he was adorable. I just wanted to take him home!
hidden trasure
We found this lake, which had a little sandy "beach" like area where you could sit if you wanted to get dirty that is!
flower/bug this gorgeous flower/bug combo!
and what looks like a weed, that was all dried up and dead!
Lastly, i found this gorgeous octopus in one of the geocaches and i had to swap it for another item. I was so excited to find it and i can't wait to hang him up, or put him up on something.
Oh yeah i forgot to let you guys know, i am a little obsessed with octopi!


Lately I have been really inspired by embroidery, I have been doing a lot of my own too, pictures soon. For now here are a few images that have been inspiring me of other peoples embroidery!
dangling treasures embroidered wall hanging
credit here
aqua and red frenchie
credit here

credit here
credit here
Change Your World
credit here
Cacti in Love Towel
credit here

I could go on with how magical all of these embroidery patterns are, but I don't want to bore you all. I can't wait to show you guys all the cool embroidery projects i have been working on!



rva rug yarn
I've been working on making my second rug, but i am making it different from the first one. I am also going to try and finish some of the embroidery patterns that were posted on the RVA summer camp blog. I have been spending my morning crocheting and watching old episodes of rugrats and angry beavers, thank you netflix :)
I also finished a few more pages in my journal about a week ago so here are a few of them
the paper sticking out is the paper i wrote my goals list on

All of these pictures were taken while i was babysitting this rowdy bunch of kittens but while the other 3 were sleeping chunky butt and i bonded
such a gorgeous kitty <3