old cameras & lomos

Saturday, July 24, 2010 10:11 AM Posted by ckscribbles
for a whille now i have really been into cameras & the diffferent kinds of pictures they can take. I recently bought this one
that i have a roll of film in now, when i develop it i will share the results, if they are good! I turned my lomo into a 35 mm from a 120mm and took a whole roll of pictures with that, but none of them came out, well like 5 pictures came out. Not enough to really share, the next time they will come out and i will be able to share!

Here is a bunch of cameras that i am in love with, i just can't get enough!
This gorgeous all white holga is a dream & although i already have a all black one, i still think i need another!
I love the color of both of these holgas, so adorable!
Dreamer (Diana+)
This Diana dreamer is gorgeous [source]
this is my dream camera! I found it on ebay a few days ago but it was selling for 85+, i can not justify that kind of a purchase :/
This gorgeous underwater number
I lust after this fisheye, I've almost bought it twice. It will be my next purchase i think!
Action Lomo Sampler
and this gorgeous action sampler. I want all of these cameras so bad and maybe one day i will own them all, but i don't think anyone needs that many cameras. On second thought, what was i thinking? I do need to own all of these!

All photos, unless otherwise noted found onweheartit

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