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Sunday, July 4, 2010 11:31 AM Posted by ckscribbles
Thursday I went out to lunch with my best friend Sara, we had a lot of catching up to do. We usually do lunch (or in the summer go to the beach) once a week. Last week she had a class she had to attend to for work, so i didn't get to see her. This week we made it a point to spend extra time together.
We started off our day by going to the flea market by us and checked out the stuff everyone was selling. I found two awesome items that i am so happy with. First i got a watermelon shaped picnic basket for only 7$, the guy was asking 10$ but since it was a little beat up i talked him down a little. The second greatest find ever would have to be the camera i bought. It was sold as is and only 3 dollars, so i thought what do i have to loose. Well it works so far and takes 35 mm film but i will keep you updated for when i develop the film.
I think i am going to use the watermelon basket to keep my yarn in it by my bed, or to carry things back and forth to my boyfriends house, either way its gorgeous and useful!
This was taken on the way home from the flea market, the clouds were so so gorgeous. It was like they were fake!
Next was sushi, ugh it is like my guilty pleasure. I feel like i have to have it atleast once a week and since i can't make it myself i have to go out and buy it but maybe that will be my newest adventure. Making sushi, sounds pretty fun. I also wanted to adventure into making my own bubble tea!

sneak peak into my Friday
this was taken on the way into Philly at around 4:30pm. First Friday wasn't as busy as it normally is because a lot of people were there for the Liberty thing that was going on about 3/4 blocks away.

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