Christmas Cookies

Monday, December 27, 2010 2:01 PM Posted by ckscribbles
I went over my friend Laurens house the other day and we made some delectable cookies. Okay, we went shopping and came home to premade cookies (she made earlier in the week) and decorated them. I had no help in making the cookies just the decorating and boy some of them came out so pretty! (others not so much!)
Oh Christmas Tree
Lauren has the biggest Christmas tree i have ever seen, until I got to Eddy's house. It puts out little 5 and a half foot tree to shame but thats okay. I was in aww of this gorgeous tree.
Oh Deer
Her step-dad is an avid hunter and her brother, Kyle, thought the deer should be festive too. I think he did a wonderful job!
Crazed Maniac
This is Lauren, she gets that crazed look in her eyes when there is tons of sugar around.
Here are a few pictures of the cookies I decorated. I was to busy getting my hands dirty that I had no time for more pictures!
This was my prized cookie. It would of won a gold metal.

I'm so sad that Christmas is over. I feel like i spent so much time preparing for it and not enough time enjoying it. I hope everyones Christmas was more than lovely.

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