Monday, June 7, 2010 9:32 AM Posted by ckscribbles
SO my weekend consisted of first friday, renegade craft fair, and a VW car show. Here are some photos from each day!

first friday 01
I handmade bags for each of my customers :) i only made a few because first friday is an art show and not a craft show, those people don't usually appreciate the craftyness of others.

first friday 01
I took my vintage suitcase with me and packed it with everything i would need to set up. The suitcase ended up being my display too, it was awesome!

first friday 01

Here's a closeup of all the jellyfish packed away so i could sell them. I got a few sales, i sold at least two of each item i brought (jellyfish, coffee mug cozys, & fortune cookies) which was way more then i expected to sell.

renegade 06
Graffiti right off of the subway, so so cute!

renegade 05
The banner into renegade!

renegade 04
Signs from renegade that i like to put my head through.

renegade 03
my boyfriends head in the sign opposite of the one i'm in!

renegade 01
On the way home from renegade, exhausted.

And finally onto Cult Classics, the car show i went to!
cult classics 05
beautiful rims from BBS

cult classics 01
My favorite (dream) car in the whole entire world!

cult classics 02
so gorgeousssssssss

cult classics 03
Chalkboard hood!

I took a lot more pictures then that but this is just the gist of what went on.

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