First Friday

Saturday, June 5, 2010 12:29 AM Posted by ckscribbles
First Friday was a success in my eyes. I sold two jelly fish, two coffee mug cozies, and two fortune cookies. My boyfriend sold 5 paintings. all in all i would say we did pretty well. We also had a ton of fun and hung out with cool people and talked to a bunch more interesting people.
Tomorrow i am going to renegade in Brooklyn and i am more then excited. i don't think i will sleep well tonight ... that is how excited i am. I'm not selling my stuff there but I am going to shop and have a great time. Hopefully i will have pictures to post and story's to tell by tomorrow night!

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  1. Green Pickles Says:

    I love your blog - so cute!
    I'm having a giveaway over at mine for followers if you're interested - would love to see you there!

    Have a great day!