sunday, sunday, sunday

Monday, June 14, 2010 12:22 AM Posted by ckscribbles
I've been trying to think of a few ways to make my room more bright. A few ways to make it pop and make me want to spend more time in it, or even give me some inspiration to actually get some work done instead of being so lethargic all of the time.
I have been thinking about bunting a lot. I think it would look great hanging from my shelves as long as i can clean up a little bit.
All Images Are from WeHeartIt
something like this would make me think about how worse it could be. or if i changed the phrase to something more positive.
I'm not sure what i love more, square bunting or triangle bunting. Which do you like more?!
Fabric from spoonfower, ugh its so gorgeous.
I want to plan an event like this with millions of them all over the room!
When i decide to have kids i will want to add bunting in there too!

If i decide to make bunting, you guys will be the first to know

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