I told you i'd be back

Friday, October 1, 2010 11:28 AM Posted by ckscribbles
I crocheted during the long ride down (it was about 3 hours) while eddy so patiently drove!
this is when we first got there, the room was pretty cute. Two beds, a couch, a night stand ... you know the normal things. We also had breakfast and coffee every morning on our balcony, it was perfect <3
We went to Thrashers for French Fries and this huge seagull wanted some so bad, so i tried to hand feed him, you don't want to see the picture of that though. It was a terrified face that was not to pretty. This is him as i was feeding him, the lean in.
we went to the beach saturday, and got sunburned. We did get two awesome jumping pictures though, i took eddys and its the best picture ever!
look how happy he is to be in the air!
this is mine (i have a bathing suit on under the cover-up)

We did watch the sunrise and the sunset all in one day, that will be another post though.
So i will leave you with this,
vw bus
me and the cutest bus ever PLUS
the man who was in-line infront of us with a PBR and cute leg tattoos!

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  1. emerson-j Says:

    looks like u guys had a blast!! im jealous ;)