Tuesday, September 6, 2011 6:15 PM Posted by ckscribbles
For a while I was reading a whole lot but as summer progressed I got lazier (and busier)and stopped reading as much. When I made my schedule for class I obviously was not in my right mind. I commute to Rowan which is about an hour away from me. The problem is monday and Wednesday I have a 4.5 hour break in between my classes, you see what I mean ... What was I thinking?! Well back to where I started with this post, I would like to get back into reading more and with all this new found "down time" not at home to nap and watch TV I will be forced to either read or do homework and anything that helps me procrastinate homework is a friend of mine!
The borders around here are going out of business and I stopped in the other day to see what I could get for rather cheap. I found a book with an awesome cover, yeah yeah I know don't judge a book by its cover (I always do). The book was called The Tortilla Curtain and so Far I love it. I actually am looking forward to my four and a half hour breaks to finish this book.

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