bad blogger

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 5:47 PM Posted by ckscribbles
I have been the worst blogger ever last month, one post in 31 days? Seriously, I am sorry! I was so busy having a great time that I totally neglected my blog. Now that I am back in school its easier to actually have a plan and stick to it. I spent most of my summer at work, the beach, they gym, or at Eddy's which is why I was MIA so much. Over the summer Eddy and I got seriously hooked on Sons of Anarchy. We finished season one and two in about a month and had to wait for season three to come out on August 30th.
I went out and bought it the day it came out and have already finished it. Season three was an emotional roller coaster and tonight is the season premier and I can not wait. There are so many posts I need to put up before I am all caught up, it may be Christmas before I make it there!

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  1. Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket Says:

    You were enjoying summer! :) I haven't watched that show yet but we are in the last season of Madmen!