Thursday, March 24, 2011 1:51 PM Posted by ckscribbles
Just as an FYI as of right now I won't be able to update for the next few days. Not only am I full of homework to do (that I can't see) but I also can't see ... When i was in Tennessee I hit my eye and part of my pupil disappeared ... in case your wondering what that looks like
Here ya go! Right now they have me on steroid eye drops and dilation eye drops in my left eye. So if i close my left eye I can see fine but then I look funny! I'm laying off the makeup until I finish my drops. Obviously my trip to Tennessee will be one thats never forgotten (since my eye will most likely never come unstuck!)
Hope everyone is well

2 Response to "Haitus"

  1. cuppy Says:

    Oh my goodness! How did you hit your eye? Damn !!!

    Does it hurt?

    I know this may sound weird but, I kinda like how one pupil is dilated & the other isn't but then again, I tend to like quirky things like that!

    I hope you're feeling OK very very soon & that nothing permanent is wrong.


  2. Erika Lee Sears Says:

    OH you poor thing. A long time ago I scratched my cornea and my pupil got this red ring thing. :) Almost like an alien. I am fine and my eyeball is fine.