peg's house, part two

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 3:37 PM Posted by ckscribbles
A while ago i made this post. I put off making the second post until i finished all of my Christmas blogging but since its all over her is my part two!
My Aunt Peg has a extremely lovely house. What I'd really like to talk about is the atmosphere and set up she has made for herself. The garden area outside is like her sanctuary and she has it really set up nice. She told me I have to come back in the Summer and see it when all of her items are blooming and I honestly can not wait! Here is the outside of her little garden sanctuary in the winter!
Here's her house from the garden area!
Twig Fence
Twig Fence
She made this fence out of twigs. It was so gorgeous in person. My picture does not do it justice.
Tea for Two
She said this is her tea table when she has her friends over, how cute.
This is the bridge that connects her house and her neighbors house. Its such a sweet little community they live in.

Although Aunt Peg is from my step-dad's side she is slowly becoming ym favorite aunt. She knits, she gardens, she decorates. Shes going to school for teaching (like me) what more could i want in a person, you know? Do you have any favorite family members? Hope all is well!

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