Holga, 35mm

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 6:35 PM Posted by ckscribbles
So a while back I decided to turn my 120mm Holga into a 35mm bcause I can develop the 35mm at a pharmacy and not have to send it out. Well this certain roll was processed but they never made prints of it. When i went to get my film from the pharmacy the man told me "I have never seen anything like this before i think your shutter was stuck" I just laughed and explained it was supposed to be this way and he explained that he wasn't sure how to develop it and to come back when his manager was there. Well i am lazy and recently aquired a scanner that has film scanning capabilities so that is what happened. Now that you have been prefaced her are my negative. Pictures compliments of myself & Eddy Dubell
negative, church
This one is my favorite, I found this headless statue at a church right next to my grandmothers house. It really resonated with me and I needed a picture of it. I'm glad I took it.
negative, ride
This one is my second favorite! I love the color of it, typical boardwalk ride.
This one is of the UFO ride featured at most boardwalks, taken by Mr. Eddy
This one is of a spinning ride also typical at the boardwalk. It was called "rock & roll"
negative, carousel
I think this was of a carousel! I'm not sure though.
same goes for this one, I know it was at the board walk but I have no idea what it is of.

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  1. Spawn of the Ed Says:

    Hard to tell with some of the photos what they are but abstract is always awesome ;)